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Buying Vs. Leasing.

Buying vs Leasing

Vans and pickups are an important element of modern day businesses that have considerable logistical requirements.

Most business ventures prefer to use vehicles on lease terms than investing in purchasing. It not only saves them a good amount of their working capitals, but also ensures the liberty to switch from one vehicle to another through new contracts. However, some business still prefer to keep their dedicated fleet of purchased vans for their respective and singular business needs. So, the question of whether to buy or lease remains to be a matter of preference.

Taking into account the “attractiveness” and “suitability” of the leasing system in the present UK market context, Leasewell has brought into the market a variety of vans and picks at attractive prices and quick delivery backed by our quality customer support.

To bring clarity to the idea and solve your dilemma of buying over van leasing and vice versa, we have laid out the north and south of both to help you reach a decisive point.

Outright Purchasing: A Van for Your Trade or Commerce

Purchasing is permanent for sure, but that is not bereft of the first inescapable and unattractive part of the deal, which is an auto loan. Most small and midscale companies and individual trades-people apply for an auto loan to finance their vehicular purchases. Paying off the loan is a priority financial commitment that spans over a period of time. In case of failures, your financer would write you off through forfeiture of the asset in concern to recover the loss. There is no saying no there!

Buying is more of a lifestyle choice, certainly an expensive one. On a brighter side, buyers get to enjoy unquestionable ownership, with no mileage restriction. But, all the same, they put up with the huge maintenance cost and bear the depreciation value. To add to it, purchasing is irreversible. You pick a van deciding to drive it as longs it is roadworthy.

Leasing: The Smarter Flippant

Van Leasing is certainly a smarter alternative as opposed to the inflexible system of purchasing. A leasing contract lasts about three years at the end of which you get to lease a newer and more futuristic model that by then has made it to the showroom. You can forget all about the loan payments for the rental charges are a negligible part of the former.

Maintenance cost and depreciation are entirely on the dealer. You just need to be a cautious driver to avoid additional damage penalties. Your gross expenses through the lease years are fuel and rental installments only. Mileage is mostly pre-determined, but is also negotiable.

Van Leasing any day makes more financial sense than buying a van on a loan and paying off the debt through the profits and losses of your business. However, Leasewell extends a purchase offer to its lessees for all its vehicles by the contract closing.

Choose to van lease and buy or just lease, with Leasewell, you’ll always be a step ahead.

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