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The Best Vans for Carrying Euro pallets

Best vans for carrying euro pallets

If you are a tradesperson you will more than likely be familiar with the sight of a Euro pallet and how many a van can carry can be the deciding factor when it comes to choosing between van models. Leasewell looks at the different new van categories and chooses the three best vans for carrying Euro Pallets in each category.

Euro Pallets

The Euro pallet traces back to the 1960s and was designed with the aim of helping to sped up the process of loading cargo onto trains, with the idea being that if everything you want to carry is loaded onto identically sized pallets, then they will fit together better into a cargo hold. The pallet measured in at 1200mm by 800mm by 144mm, these have not changed throughout its lifetime.

By the 1970s and 1980s most European industries switched over to using Euro pallets and all trucks, vans, forklifts and warehouses were standardised to work with them. The rest is history!

So here are the best vans for carrying Euro pallets, if vans cannot be separated solely on how many Euro pallets they can carry, then we have used payload as the deciding factor.

What Small Vans can carry the most Euro pallets?

3. Ford Transit Connect

The Ford Transit Connect can carry two Euro pallets in long wheelbase guise, the same as the new vans in second and first place in this category, and does offer the longest load length of the three at 2231mm, a maximum payload of 833kg is also not too shabby.

2. Citroen Berlingo XL

Also in long wheelbase guise, the Citroen Berlingo XL is also capable of carrying two Europallets, the Berlingo has a shorter load length than the Connect at 2167mm, however it is 54mm wider. The generous 970kg payload puts the Berlingo van in second spot in the small vans category.

1. Fiat Doblo Cargo XL

The best small van for carrying Euro pallets is the Fiat Doblo Cargo XL, which not only offers the ability to carry two Euro pallets, there is also a payload of 1005kg to boot. Load length of 2170mm is 3mm more than the Berlingo, however load width is a massive 164mm larger.

What Medium Vans can carry the most Euro pallets?

3. Volkswagen Transporter T6.1 T32 SWB 110ps Startline

Each of the vans that we have chosen in the medium vans category can carry three Euro pallets, as is also the case for most medium vans for sale, however those who have made the top three are the best in terms of payload offered, with the VW Transporter offering 1304kg.

2. Ford Transit Custom 340 SWB

The UK’s best-selling van is an excellent all-rounder and one area it really excels in is load carrying. The ability to carry 3 Euro pallets and a 1405kg payload alongside the fantastic car-like driving experience and rafts of technology really make the Ford Transit Custom a force to be reckoned with.

1. Peugeot Expert Standard Professional 1400

The highest payload in the medium vans range, the Peugeot Expert can carry 3 Euro pallets, whilst also offering a payload of 1458kg. These figures are matched by its PSA sister van, the Citroen Dispatch which features the same Euro pallet capacity and payload.

What Large Vans can carry the most Euro pallets?

3. Fiat Ducato 35 XL High 120ps

Offering a load length more than 4 meters and capacity for five Euro pallets in the rear, the Fiat Ducato is an excellent large van for carrying the biggest and heaviest of loads. There is a payload of 1445kg alongside the huge load volume.

2. Mercedes Sprinter 315 L4H2

Unlike the small vans and medium vans categories, there are two clear winners in the large vans range in terms of how many Euro pallets they can carry, with both able to carry a staggering six Euro pallets in the rear. As well as space for 6 Euro pallets, this Mercedes Sprinter model also offers a payload of 1037kg.

1. Volkswagen Crafter CR35 LWB Maxi 140ps

Leading the way in terms of Euro pallet carrying capacity is the VW Crafter in LWB Maxi guise. The Crafter van can also carry six Euro pallets but offers 16kg more in terms of payload than the Sprinter van above.

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