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What does the second lockdown mean for UK drivers?

Can I still drive during covid 19

England officially went into a full national lockdown on the 5th November 2020, with further lockdowns also possible throughout the rest of the UK, but what does this mean for UK motorists?

UK motorists may not be sure of the restrictions regarding vehicle usage, whilst those looking to purchase a new car or van may be wondering whether or not to leave the purchase until after the lockdown is scheduled to end on the 2nd December 2020.

The restrictions on leaving the house and entering retail premises appear less severe than the first national lockdown, however the government are taking drastic action to stop unnecessary contact and social gathering. There are also a number of rules being enforced which dictate what you can do with your vehicle, how you are able to maintain it and whether you are able to purchase a new model.

Can I still purchase a new vehicle?

Some non-essential retailers have been allowed to remain open, although only to operate a click and collect service, with showrooms having to again close their doors. However, there is nothing stopping you ordering a new car or van from the comfort of your living room with Leasewell, who offer a contact free delivery service to all of mainland UK and are continuing to service the nation throughout the pandemic.

Can I still purchase a used vehicle?

Used vehicle dealerships in England are subject to the same rules as new vehicle counterparts, meaning showrooms are closed, whilst buying privately is not advised during the lockdown as the rules state you should only leave your home for essential purposes or to work if you cannot work from home. If you must buy a car for this purpose or to care for a vulnerable person then social distancing rules must be adhered to at all times and you should not share a car with anyone from outside your household. Leasewell may also be able to help with used vehicles and offer a contact free delivery service to your front door, we also offer video walkarounds and as many images as you require on all of our used vans and cars.

Can I visit a garage?

The government granted drivers a six month MOT extension during the last lockdown to avoid people making unnecessary journeys and people coming into social contact at garages, however this measure will not be coming into effect again because garages are allowed to remain open. If you need to use your vehicle during lockdown it must be roadworthy, so book in for an MOT test before the date of expiry and have your vehicle serviced if its due.

Can I go for a drive?

Strictly speaking, as with the first lockdown, motorists should not go for a drive just to get out of the house. There are several key exceptions that allow driving, including to travel to a place of work if you cannot work from home, or to go to essential shops such as supermarkets.

Lease a new vehicle from the comfort of your home

Looking for a new car or van during lockdown? Leasewell are continuing to service the nation throughout the pandemic. Simply enquire online or call us on 01656 337337 to get the ball rolling today!

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