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Why should I add ply-lining to my new van?

Van ply-lining

Your new van is an important asset to your business and it is important that you look after it as best as possible. Leasewell looks at the advantages offered by choosing to add ply-lining to your van.


At first damage to the load area of your van as a result of dints and scratches can appear minimal, however with the primer and paint removed from areas of your new van, there’s an increased chance that your van will erode and rust. Once panels begin to rust, the issue can soon worsen and they can lose structural integrity whilst the value of your vehicle decreases.

Advantages of ply-lining your van

Maintain the van’s value for longer

A van can be a large investment for a business and regardless of how you choose to finance the van it is important to look after that investment. A drop in the vehicle’s value can have significant implications for your business with all van finance options. Damage costs on a van which you have on a contract hire agreement can leave you with a hefty bill at the end of the contract, whilst if you’ve taken it out on a finance lease agreement it can mean the van’s value is lower than the final balloon payment and you’re out of pocket that way. Ply-lining helps to maintain the van’s value for longer, regardless of how you choose to finance it.

Lengthen the useful life of your van.

With the value of the van being maintained for longer, the van’s useful life is also longer. As mentioned previously, a new van can represent a significant investment for a business and as such it is important to get as much use out of the van as possible. Ply-lining you van can strengthen the panels and also prevents damage if your load is not fully secured or breaks free, it can also protect from scratches and scrapes when you load and unload cargo. Even the smallest of scratches can coincide with rusting.

Prevent internal damage and leaks to the van

If unprotected panels erode it will have a negative impact on the level of protection offered by the van. Debris, dirt and rain can all make it through the gaps that have been formed. This not only emphasises the problem of rusting but can also mean damage to tools and valuable items in the cargo area of the van. Whether you use your van for transporting your tools to the job or delivering parcels, the contents of your load area are protected with ply-lining.

Avoid expensive repair costs

Once your van has been damaged it will cost you to pay for repairs to stop the damages worsening, these can prove costly and if this is a regular occurrence it can be an expensive regular outlay for your business. Ply-lining your van can reduce or potentially even eliminate many of these repair costs, saving both on van downtime and money.

New vans for sale

Looking for a new van? Leasewell are here to help! With a huge range of brand new vans for sale, all available with ply-lining and cheap van finance options available for everyone’s requirements. Interested? Simply submit your details online or call us on 01656 337337 to find out more, we also offer cars!

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