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Part Exchange.


Looking to Part Exchange? Get more money for it with Leasewell.

At Leasewell we are focused on making your next vehicle(s) more affordable because we listen to our customers we know that the vast majority of them finance their vehicles. That is why we always put together sensational finance packages to help make your next vehicle be that a Car, Van or Pick-Up more affordable than ever.

Is your Car, Van or Pick-Up still on finance? Do you own it outright? Either way, we can help.
Sell your vehicle to us and not only will you get the best price, which will give you maximum equity but we will make the process as quick and as simple as possible. This can be used as initial deposit for your new vehicle or partly used with Cashback.
It also means:

  • No hassle in having to advertise your vehicle for sale
  • No Tyre Kickers/timewasters
  • No Waiting / No auction fees
  • A fair price for your vehicle based on mileage & condition

We Pay More!

Obviously, we can only base our price on the information you tell us. If you do decide to accept our offer, we will arrange for an independent inspector to appraise your vehicle and check over to make sure it matches the details you supplied. If it does, we’ll confirm that the initial valuation was correct.
If there are any discrepancies between your vehicle and the details you gave us, or if, during the inspection, we discover something about the vehicle that you didn’t already know, we may have to change our quote.

Ring on 01656 337337 and speak to us today for a free no-obligation valuation!

No Fleecing.

Just leasing.

Our mission is to bring transparency to the leasing industry. So we’ve created a series of leasing guides to give you the power to lease well.