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Straight Purchase.

Straight Purchase

Straight Purchase (SP) Explained

Please read this carefully as it provides a summary of the key points of an Straight Purchase agreement. It does not show all the benefits or exclusions – please speak to an experienced member of our team if you have any queries about whether this product is suitable for you.

Straight Purchase (SP) - Suitability explanation

Straight purchase or cash purchase the most simple way of funding a new vehicle, you pay the value of the vehicle upfront and when that vehicle has been delivered it is yours to do with as you wish, there are no monthly payments with a straight purchase agreement

Benefits of Straight Purchase (SP)

  • You own the vehicle outright
  • No mileage restrictions
  • No monthly rentals
  • No interest payments
  • The van is an asset on your balance sheet
  • No restrictions on modifying the vehicle

Disadvantages of Straight Purchase (SP)

  • As you have paid a larger sum upfront, this may affect cashflow
  • You have paid upfront for a depreciating asset
  • When you own a vehicle you are solely responsible for the maintenance, this includes everything from repairs, insurance and road tax

Taking care of the vehicle

  • You must ensure the vehicle is comprehensively insured at all times
  • It is a condition of the Manufacturer’s warranty that the vehicle is serviced and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements. They recommended that you use the services of a main franchised dealer

No Fleecing.

Just leasing.

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